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About Us

100% British owned and managed the first Hobgoblin British Pub and Restaurant opened its doors in the business area of Akasaka in November 2000.This was in association with the Wychwood Brewery and was the first Hobgoblin pub to be opened outside of the United Kingdom and the first to serve the export version of the award winning Hobgoblin ale .

Our second pub opened in 2002 in the entertainment area of Roppongi and the third in 2004 in the shopping district of Shibuya.

The Hobgoblin pubs are now considered the most authentic British pubs in Japan with an extensive range of beers, food menu and British hospitality at its best. 

The Wychwood Brewery itself was established in 1983 filling a much needed gap in the market for quality beers and ales and since the first keg rolled off the production line in that year it has amassed an impressive array of awards, not just for the beers but for the design of its bottles and labels as well. 

Hobgoblin Japan and the Wychwood Brewery continue to win awards, to produce and serve the finest in British beers and ales and whilst we like to think we are always ahead of the competition in modern ideas and innovations the Hobgoblin pub will always retain that authentic British pub atmosphere wherever in the world it may be.




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